Single Ply Roofing

The Robseal name has been associated with quality single ply roofing in Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey for over 40 years. Robseal was one of the first to use the single ply roofing system in to the UK in the 1980s, turning existing clients to its advantages over the traditional felt systems employed at the time.

Over the past 40 years the industry has seen many new membrane manufacturers enter the market, the quality improve and the training requirement heightened. Although this is obviously a good thing, the cost and logistics of installation has kept this system mostly within the realms of the commercial sector – there are few high-quality installers of single ply PVC systems available to domestic clients. Robseal Roofing Solutions provide this service for commercial and domestic customers alike.

One of the main benefits of single ply membrane is the ability to successfully seal awkward detailing. We have seen many roofs that have failed due to poor attempts to seal tricky areas with a naked flame and hot bitumen - an operation that can be only tackled by highly skilled roofers.

With single ply, as each detail must be approved by the membrane manufacturer, the system is policed and detailing is properly designed. Couple this with the pliability of the membrane and these awkward roof details become more manageable and we can be confident of the result.

All complete roof installations are issued with 15-20 year guarantees. For complete peace of mind, insurance backed guarantees are issued as standard on all domestic work. This means that in the unlikely event Robseal Roofing Solutions Ltd should cease to exist your work remains guaranteed to the value of the initial contract.

Our drive for quality ensures that we only ever use the best products fitted by our manufacturer approved roofers.

The products we use:

example single ply roofing
example single ply roofing 2
example single ply roofing 3
example single ply roofing 4
example single ply roofing 5
example single ply roofing 6
example single ply roofing 7

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