Domestic roofing solutions

Robseal offers 20 years' commercial experience to the domestic market.

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Commercial roofing solutions

Benefit from our unique 3-Point maintenance plan

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Based in Reading the Robseal name has been associated with high-performance flat roofing installations for over thirty years. We employ only the best membrane installers who take pride in their work and whose experience ranges between fifteen and thirty years. Robseal Roofing Solutions is a compact company, which allows us to provide a personally managed service with the benefit of competitive, quality solutions covering an area that covers the South of England from Oxford to West London.

Robseal Roofing Solutions

"We at Robseal Roofing Solutions maintain a professional and efficient approach to all our projects and a friendly and easy-to-work-with attitude to our clients."

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Well maintained flat roofs can substantially exceed their intended sell-by date. We have a 3-point plan that will potentially save you money and time.

Commercial roofing by Robseal

Domestic Roofing

We bring industry expertise in PVC roofing and single ply roofing to the domestic user in Reading, Bracknell at very competitive prices...

Domestic roofing by Robseal


Diagnostics that use electronic roof testing and thermal imagery to determine water ingress and heat loss problems...

Roof testing by Robseal


Robseal Roofing Solutions has the experience to install most flat roofing systems from the leading single ply and PVC roofing suppliers.

Roof testing by Robseal

We use Spectra-roof products Robseal Roofing Solutions of Reading use Protan We use Ruvitex We use armourplan products Robseal Roofing Solutions of Reading use IKO products